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Business Loan in Singapore, Company Funding

Business loan or company funding are credit facilities extended to small business owners who are looking for additional cash to cover certain shortfalls within the business such as a temporary cash-flow problem or to help with certain projects like renovation of business premises or expansion.


Quick cash for small business owners

They are a good number of sources for young entrepreneurs who cannot access quick cash, such as major lending institutions like banks since the requirements are many and generally restrictive – excellent credit scores among others – and still you cannot be sure of a positive response from them.


Business Loan Singapore


However, with the AP Credit loans for businesses, you only have to apply and attach the business’s financial statements to prove its ability to repay the amount to start. In addition, we offer unsecured loan packages so that you don’t have to pledge personal assets if the business does not have assets that can guarantee the loan amount you’re applying for.


Service beyond the expected

You may use our loans for any purpose that you wish in the business; essentially what we offer is like personal loans, but now for your business. Do you want to expand or renovate your space? Would you like to rebuild after some tragedy? Are you facing temporary cash flow problems because of customer failing to pay up promptly upon the completion of a project? Whatever it is, we can help you. We have the experience and resources, not just to extend credit to you but also to guide you on how best to apply it to ensure you some way out at the end.


At AP Credit, we are fully familiar with the challenges that can be faced by young businesses (running for 2 years at least), which is why we provide a wide range of personalized packages for every line of business there is. Running and growing a business is a tough call and we look to honor your hard work by helping you to achieve your dreams and plans faster than you would have otherwise.


Every business can benefit

From boosting your working capital to purchasing fixed assets and commercial properties, AP Credit has the capability to back your financial goals for your business, no matter how small or big they may be. Take advantage of our attractive interest rates and personalized packages to fast-track your journey to the future.



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