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In this current economy, we have more needs than our money can stretch to fit but this should not cause any alarm. The truth is that a majority of people are finding it difficult to stretch their income to cover everything there is and find themselves in need of a short term solution to cover the difference.This is the reason we offer AP Credit personal loan packages. Taking a loan is not a sign of carelessness or financial miscalculation; even with the best planning, once in a while you will have a shortfall you need help in covering.


Personal Loan Singapore


Personal Loan Uses

There are many situations to which our personal financing packages may be applicable. Below are just a few of them:


  • Emergencies – e.g. after one has been robbed of valuables.
  • Automobile repairs.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Utility bills and phone bills – remember late payments on these have a negative effect on your overall credit rating.
  • Personal purchases – new phone for instance.
  • To top up on vacation savings.

Now, for some needs, such as home renovations or educational expenses, there are specialized loans packages with various loan providers.The advantage of the personal one is that no one shall follow you up to inquire about how you intend to spend the money. You have the freedom to apportion it to your expenses as you see fit.


No Security

Personal loans are generally like payday loans in that you don’t have to attach collateral to them in order to qualify, and you also don’t have to provide a loan guarantor. This is where we beat banks and other major financing options. Provided you can prove that you can sustain the loan repayment for the duration of the loan, we will extend credit to you.


However, of your own volition, you may elect to secure an asset against your loan to benefit from the lower interest that the option attracts, but as we said, this is not a must. You don’t need to be put off by stringent requirements from banks, just come to us and we will sort you out on the double.



Here is what you stand to gain from using our loan services that you would not get with a bank:


  • You can still access funding even if your credit score is below average.
  • No hassle – simple application and approval.
  • Fast processing – you can have approval within the same day and deposits made shortly after.
  • Flexible repayment schedules – you can even negotiate variable installments for times when your income is more or less engaged by other expenses.
  • Professional services from a licensed moneylender with vast experience in the market.


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